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Martyn/ASP has a varied and growing collection of wildlife and natural world images from the UK and abroad in addition to the more specialist aviation and sport collections.

All images are available for commercial use as well as there being a number of limited edition collections.

The images are available in any format you require from simple prints of various sizes through to such things as canvas or acrylic prints in addition to the various electronic formats all for use in your home or business.

Included in these images is the collection entitled ‘Naturally Abstract’ which shows the diverse plant and animal life in a rather more abstract manner.

Take a look at our sample galleries to get an idea of what there is on offer. We hope to be able to put a considerable amount of images on this or other websites for you to purchase directly as soon as we can, however you can ask us to search our library using criteria such as animal or plant type right down to the predominant colour to fit into the décor of a room or building.

As ASP has it’s roots in Aviation Photography as mentioned earlier another collection of limited edition prints are those with an aviation flavour and we supply images in this quite spectacular field that are aimed at a more general audience – take a look you might be surprised?


Have just looked through the pictures - how fab they are! Lovely. I shall be making an order as they'll make a fab display for next year too. Sara Armstrong Pumpkin Olympics