We can cover your party, conference, social gathering, gig or exhibition. In reality any event you care to mention.

Working to a brief discussed and arranged prior to the day we will incorporate specific ideas or requirements about what imagery is required from the event. At this meeting we will discuss what requirements and ideas you have and how we can make these requests happen for you.

From the photographer being as unobtrusive as possible photographing what he sees fit to quite specific ‘targets’ or individual events throughout the day or night. The photographer can blend in to the background or become very much part of the entertainment and interact with the guests. If the latter is the case then you could choose one of our Party services such as Onsite Studio photos, Picture this! or have a mock Paparazzi photographer attend your event.

At ASP we realise that some events are newsworthy and photos taken at the event can be of great use to the many publications that deal with the social side of life. We will therefore work with you to get images through to these publications should you wish.

How would you receive your photos? Well the answer is simply how would you like them! Most commonly for these types of event you may wish to maintain some control of the images and we would then supply the images to you on disc a few days after the event. However the images can be made available for download from the ASP website from as early as the following day either by you, your guests or both. These methods do not incur any extra cost.

As every event is different, prices for this would naturally be by negotiation, but are based on an hourly rate, with a minimum of 2 hours plus any extras that you choose and will be quoted according to the discussed brief. Please be aware that we do not charge any extra for standard post production work, even though this is likely to be the same number of hours as the event it is included in the price agreed.

We like to feel we work with you our customer so ASP’s Flexible working promise means that we don’t go the minute the time runs out, should your event over run or you need more time at the last minute then we promise to do our very best to ensure you get what you want, often within the price agreed, however if an extra charge is required we will not charge any premium on the hourly rate you are currently paying.

Thanks for all your help on Saturday night doing the photos, the members loved it and from the ones I’ve seen they look fantastic.
Aimee Hesp Oddfellows